Saturday, October 22, 2011

Bargain of the year!

I'd just popped to Tescos simply to buy my mother a birthday card, however, a sign in the clothing department immediately caught my attention ....."£1"

There was no way I was ever going to fight the urge to see what bargains were hanging on that rail, so off I trotted. Now, I wasn't intending to buy any clothes today, but when I spotted the long-sleeved, white rugby shirts I was duty bound to look closer.

It would seem that while the England 2011 Rugby team remained in the tournament, these 100% cotton tops sold at £20 each. When things weren't going England's way the shirts were apparently reduced to £6. Now that they've lost, Tesco has to somehow shift these unwelcome reminders of failure asap, hence the vast drop in price.

Not remotely interested in Rugby, I couldn't care less if the 'shameful' logo is emblazoned on my clothes for all to see. I'm just thrilled to bits that I'm now the owner of £20 worth of high quality, ladies-wear and all I paid was two quid!

I was actually so smug I very nearly left the store without my mum's card (oops).