Saturday, August 13, 2011


I had wondered whether it was a good idea to shop on 13th, however, needs must....
This turned out to be a mistake. The shopping part was fine, however, the till experience was less-than-perfect and left me wondering why I bother with Tescos at all some days.

Here are a few suggestions which would've made my day a little less stressful:

1) When you hand the young girl on the till an 02 top-up card, and request that she puts a tenner on it, she should simply scan it so that your mobile instantly receives the credit, and not just hand you an O2 coupon, which then means you have to endure the entire push-button / selection process yourself.

2) When you purchase Lenor simply because you have a valid 75p money off coupon, which was issued at the till the last time you were in the store just a few days earlier, this coupon should scan without issue and shouldn't involve having to call a manager over.

3) When it's a Saturday afternoon and you've asked for cashback at the till before shoving your debit card into the chip & pin machine, it'd be helpful if the cashier actually put your transaction through and gave you the cash back, and not blankly look at you saying "I dunno why it didn't do it!" after she's closed the till and is now starting to scan the next customer's shopping. Subsequently, you end up at the back of a very long queue at the ATM outside getting grumpier by the minute.

4) When you've made the effort to drag a trolley and several 'bags for life' to the store, the very least you'd expect is a couple of green clubcard points for your efforts!

Not a very happy customer today...

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