Sunday, September 11, 2011

Mystery Ingredient...

I happen to like frozen quorn lasagne, and tesco are happy to supply me with this tasty, veggie-friendly meal in their freezer aisle at just £1.49 per box, which suits my taste buds and my budget perfectly….until today.

While munching my way through my low-fat, low-calorie, microwaved lunch, I felt something distinctly un-lasagne-like in my mouth and immediately spat it out. It felt like an old toe-nail clipping, but thankfully it wasn’t!! On closer inspection, although I could tell it wasn’t anything horrific, I couldn’t actually decide what it was, so out came the pen & paper and I wrote a brief but stroppy letter to Head Office. In cases such as this, an email simply won’t do. You need to provide the packaging along with the offending item so that they can investigate fully.

While I fully accept this was not a tesco branded product, it was purchased in one of their stores and they need to be a tad more vigilant in regards to quality control when buying in food products from other companies. I've now stuck a second class stamp onto the envelope, and selotaped the offending item to the letter – that should keep some work experience person with a magnifying glass occupied for hours. I’ll be interested to see how long it takes for the powers that be to respond…

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