Thursday, November 10, 2011

PAYG Trolleys...

If I hadn’t already read about it in the local paper, I’d have been even more surprised when I visited my local store this morning to discover that I needed a £1 coin in order to use a shopping trolley! Although I knew that due to local University students taking trollies away and not returning them, Tesco was GOING TO use a coin-operated system, but I had no idea it was already in use. Some sort of notice in-store or in the trolley bays for a couple of weeks prior to launch would’ve been nice!

Luckily, scrapping about in my handbag did produce a coin, but others weren’t so lucky and had to use the few remaining ‘freebie’ trolleys (the ones with cranky wheels which either jam or force you to go round in circles). On the plus side, my temporary investment did ensure that I enjoyed a nice new shiny model which glided around corners without putting my back out, but having to juggle several heavy carrier bags so that I could ‘rear-end’ my trolley into the shackled row of others in the bay in order to retrieve my coin after I’d completed my shopping was challenging, to say the least!

Also, I felt very sorry for an OAP who was clearly distressed in the entrance hall as she had no idea how to use the coin slot, but luckily a security guard rescued her so she could begin her shopping. I do wonder how anyone with arthritic fingers or impaired vision will deal with shoving a small coin into an awkward slot......

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