Saturday, January 21, 2012


There seems to be a distinct etiquette regarding the new coin-operated trollies these days. Once your shopping is completed and you return to the bay to reclaim your £1 coin, it is apparently good manners to offer your trolley (with coin still in situ) to anyone who appears to be waiting for one, in return for the coin they were about to use.

This works well for those using money, however, for those of us with the foresight to have previously purchased a special reuseable token in order to avoid endless fumbling around in pockets, handbags and purses, there is the guilt trip to be endured.

As they watch you jamming your wire perambulator back into the pack in order to retrieve your personalised fake coin, you can only apologise to the frail old lady standing behind you, gripping her quid in her arthritic fingers, and offer to take her coin and unlock the trolley you have just struggled to lock up...

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