Sunday, September 30, 2012

Topsy Turvey Tesco...

As creatures of habit, us shoppers generally resent any amount of change , so when your local supermarket announces a “re-fit” it fills your heart with palpable dread. These past few weeks have been utter torture, as salad cream has been removed from the condiments section and placed one week opposite school uniforms and the next beside baby food (neither of which locations makes any sense whatsoever of course). Finally it’s been re-instated alongside the ketchup and mayonnaise, but quite how long it’ll remain there only time will tell.
Shoppers who write lists do so in the order according to the route they regularly take around the store. This ensures that nothing is missed and that they complete the task with minimum distractions. However, even armed with the ‘ever so useful’ in-store maps and the ‘Can-we-help?’ people in their bright yellow jumpers I feel that my local Tescos has gone one step too far towards alienating it’s loyal supporters.
I know for a fact that friends with cars have long since jumped ship and are now frequenting alternative grocery suppliers, but for non-drivers like myself we’re not afforded that luxury and must therefore simply put up with the weekly game of hide-and-seek for the forseeable future.
As you can probably tell………I am NOT impressed…

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