Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Coupon Crazy...

It has to be said, I do like a coupon, and this is something which Tescos particularly excells at. I get them at the tills, in the mail, in the magazine and on in-store leaflets and I love it! However, why is it that every time I top up my mobile at the till I instantly get one giving me 100 extra points if I top up £10 with O2 in the next two weeks?! I JUST topped up! I don't actually use my mobile very much, so by the time I need to top up again my 100 point coupon will have long since expired. While many are suspicious of the whole Big Brother concept of a supermarket keeping track of every transaction you've ever made there, I applaud it. How else will I get coupons for things I actually use on a regular basis? So, bearing this in mind, wouldn't it make far more sense to give me my top-up coupons about a month after I last topped up? Also, why is it that I occasionally end up with coupons for things I last bought several years ago, and haven't purchased since? Doesn't the fact that the product fails to appear on my record since 2001 tell Tescos that I actually no longer want or need that particular item?!

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