Saturday, June 18, 2011

Every Cashier Helps...

As a complete techonophobe I find it utterly impossible to use any form of 'useful' gadgetry during my shopping trips. When the self-service checkouts were installed in my local supermarket I really did try to embrace the speed at which you can allegedly complete your transactions. However, the whole experience of having an invisible woman dish out instructions from somewhere inside a mechanical device, and then give you warnings that you have placed something you shouldn't in the bagging area was just too much.
Yes, when it was proclaimed a new and easy way to shop I signed up for the hand-held scanning device which tots up your bill as you trundle around the aisles and allows you to pass quickly through the checkout without having the hassle of having to unload your trolley, however, I have never actually plucked up the courage to use it.
I'm of a certain age, and I like the old fashioned customer service of having a proper cashier scan each item while I pack my 'bags-for-life' at the end of the conveyor belt. Someone to 'help' me with that final act before I leave the store with all my new purchases. Admittedly, I had to be dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century when chip & pin became an essential procedure for anyone wishing to use any type of plastic payment card, but there'll be no more 'wizardry' for me.

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