Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fathers Day...

The stampede for lobelias and petunias has now made way for the celebration that is Fathers Day. Tescos, along with every other shop on the planet, has clearly stereotyped 'fathers' as beer swilling, slipper-wearing, car drivers who are all sports mad judging by the selection of gifts currently on display. While I appreciate that commercialism dictates that every opportunity to sell more stuff has to be mercilessly grabbed, there are certain occasions which would benefit from a sensitive alternative option available. For example, for those of us who have lost our father, this in-your-face reminder of the fact is a very unwelcome jolt to the system when you're focussed on quickly popping in to grab a loaf and a pint of milk. Maybe there could be a small section of a shelf dedicated to cards of a sympathetic nature, alongside photo frames in which to hold paternal memories...? 

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