Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mystery Shopper.

Just like the world and its wife, I too have a facebook account, so it was obvious that sooner or later I would 'like' the tesco page. Now I can sit at my computer and be told of all the latest deals without having to physically move - heaven. However, the downside is that when you see announcements such as 'Flash Sale - 50% of women's clothing for 2 days only' you're out of your pjs and into your jeans before you actually realise you neither want nor need any new clothes. Desperate to think of a reason to make use of this superb but time-limited offer, I decided that my scruffy and distinctly smelly old slippers had to be replaced asap, but I made a mental note to myself that under no circumstances was I to buy anything else. Once in the store my cynical side took over as it seemed to me that the new rows of fashion tops (at 50% off) were a tad over-priced, which actually helped me to focus on the task of choosing my lovely, comfy half-priced footwear. As I walked out of the store it suddenly occured to me that tescos had 'done it again!' Although my £7 slippers were reduced to £3.50 I was still £14.75 lighter in my purse, and that was despite handing over a £2.50 clubcard coupon at the till! So.... quite what happened between the shoe department and the till I can't actually recall.... other than to say that I lugged two heavy carrier bags back home and now have a fridge full of 'bits & bobs' that I honestly had no intention of buying when I left the house an hour earlier.

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