Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sandals and Sandwiches...

Despite my peroxide blonde locks and a penchant for watching SATC re-runs on Comedy Central, I'm actually not what you'd call 'girlie'. Subsequently, the very thought of going clothes / shoe shopping fills me with abject horror. Thankfully, jolly old Tescos seems to have come to my rescue in the form of their extensive clothing department. Here I can grab a nice new t-shirt while also choosing my veg, or I can find some fluffy slippers at the same time as checking the price of bacon. No need to panic, no need to catch a crowded bus into an even more crowded town centre, just a quick and painless wander off the beaten track will allow me to amble around jeans and undergarments while still within visual contact of the bread aisle. The only downside to this is the inevitable and somewhat painful static electric shocks you get from the combination of a ton of nylon, small plastic trolley wheels and laminate flooring. However, those of us who are savvy to such annoyances have long since learned to place hands well away from the metal parts of the trolley. It won't stop all the nasty stings but it  definitely helps. 

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