Thursday, June 9, 2011

Trolley Folly...

I just knew it was going to be one of those days when I arrived to find no small trolleys near the entrance. No matter how intently you stare at your shopping list, a big trolley means you buy more stuff - end of! Already miffed at being lumbered pushing a juggernought around the store, it soon became apparent that my front right wheel simply wasn't going to play ball. I suppose I could've abandoned it in the aisle and gone out to fetch a replacement, but I decided to persevere in the vain hope that things would improve. They didn't. Within minutes there was the ear-splitting sound of some brat screeching it's lungs out, and thus the tone was set for this particular expedition. I managed to get round relatively quickly, despite my wonky wheel, but as I stood next to the bubble baths, excited at the prospect of Radox at £1 per bottle, I heard a peculiar whooshing, rippling sound. For a moment I wondered if it was a form of tinnitus  induced by the earlier high pitched screams, but no... from a speaker in the ceiling I could hear the distinct sound of the ocean!! Clearly, Tescos were trying to instil a sense of calm into my shopping experience, but to be honest it was just a bit too weird  Heading towards the tills I caught sight of the latest loo roll promotion for 5p off a litre of fuel if you buy two 9-roll packs. For 20p less I could get an 18 roll pack, but if I bought the two 9-roll packs to get the coupon would my other half actually remember to use it? Why am I even thinking about this? We don't even need loo rolls! And then I remembered - I'm pushing a big trolley.

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