Saturday, June 18, 2011

Essential Reading...

After the irritation of the over-charging episode the other day, Tescos has redeemed itself with the free June-July 2011 issue of Real Food magazine. Instant gratification came in the shape of fabulous coupons on page 3 (always a 'stunner' in my opinion). Not only do I have the opportunity to win one of five £100 Tesco giftcards, I can also get 40p off kitchen roll or £1 off various food items. The abundant recipies are lost on me (I'm no Delia) but the photos of well-presented meals are nice to look at, although I almost hurled at the thought of Coca-Cola bbq sauce. More coupons are scattered within the pages, including several quid off a selection of booze (hooray!) The free cinema tickets don't interest me, as I never go to the movies, however I expect it'll appeal to many others. All in all, a particularly pleasing publication, and what's more, on the back is a competition to win a year of fine foods worth £700.

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